Filtering Water Bottles

A filtered water bottle looks like any regular water bottle but with a replaceable filter. You don’t need special attachments such as hoses or pumps to use these bottles. Just fill it up with water and drink up. The filter purifies the water almost instantly.

Some filtering bottles purify water as it is poured. Some models do the filtering when you tilt the bottle as you drink. Whatever purifying method your specific bottle uses, it does its job without your help. All you have to do is fill the bottle up with water.

Invest in a filtered water bottle for your peace of mind. It’s so easy to use, its economical, and it helps reduce waste. Whether you’re at school, in the office, at the gym, or at any place where there’s a water source, you will always have access to clean drinking water as long as you have your water bottle and filter with you.

Different filtered water bottles remove different types of contaminants. But most of them can filter out heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and copper, as well as chlorine. You can purchase models specifically designed for camping and hiking which can destroy bacteria and filter contaminants commonly found in natural water sources such as springs or streams.

These filtering water bottles are primarily made of Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and Carbon filtering

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