Hydration Reservoirs

Hydration packs have become all the rage among all manner of athletes. These devices allow the athlete to carry water with them as they engage in their sport and drink as they go. More often than not, when one refers to a hydration pack, they mean a backpack that carries a bladder or reservoir of water. The bladder is connected to a hose that runs out of the bag to the athlete’s mouth. At the other end a bite valve that allows the user to start and stop the flow of water using only their mouth, leaving their hands free to do other things and allowing a drink without stopping.

Hydration packs first became popular with mountain bikers and motocross riders because it allowed them to drink without stopping or taking their hands off the bars. This offered the racer with a hydration pack a tangible advantage over those who had to stop to drink from more traditional water battles. Soon the idea took off and now hydration packs become standard in almost all sports that require the participant to carry water with them, especially since most hydration packs specifically designed to allow the user to carry considerably more water with them than would otherwise be practical. From hikers to cross country skiers, hydration packs are now considered essential gear for many participants in endurance sports.

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