Types Of Water Bottles

Drinking water bottles are ubiquitous in the U.S. – and in many other developed countries as well. Children carry drinking water bottles to school. Parents carry drinking water bottles as they commute to work, children’s soccer games, etc. Some people have begun carrying drinking water bottles to church with them. Athletes always seem to have a drinking water bottle with them.


A major reason for using drinking water bottles is the convenience they offer. Water can be taken almost anywhere. Drinking water bottles involve little cost, and their loss is not a problem. When they are empty, they need not be carried home. They can simply be placed in a recycle bin or other waste disposal.

Types of Water Bottles

  1. Plastic Water Bottles
  2. Metal Water Bottles
  3. Glass Water Bottles
  4. Filtering Water Bottles
  5. Hydration Reservoirs

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